Melodi Var Ongel

Melodi Var Ongel
Adana, Turkey
Melodi Var Ongel – Story Source
Malcolm Brooks – Musical Sherpa
First Recording:
Melodi Var Ongel, Jillian Galloway – Vocal
Malcolm Brooks – Guitar
Warren Galloway – Guitar
Peter Galloway – Violin
Second Recording:
Hazel Delehey, Melodi Var Ongel- Vocal
Malcolm Brooks- Guitar
Chris Finn- Guitar
Hazel Delehey- Guitar
Richard Fischer- Guitar
Hudson Finn- Piano

One of my Best Moments
With solo guitar:

In the middle of stressful exams, Melodi’s parents give her a surprise.
First recording with the band:

Second recording with the band:

Senior year
So stressful and tiring
Had to pass the exams
I look lost
My eyes are closing
Head is going down fast
In the middle of the struggle
My parents have a surprise
My 18th birthday is coming soon
They say, Let’s go to Germany
My 18th birthday is coming soon
We are on our way
I was listening
To a rock band
When we came to Berlin
There was a car
In front of the bar
It was the group I loved
My dad ran over to the car
And waved to the band
My dad ran over and kindly asked
If we could take a photograph
Happy birthday to me
With my favorite band
In the concert they sang
Happy birthday to me
They gave me a record
They signed it with their names
To see them, to talk with them
In my life, in my life
One of my best moments