Cat Bennet

Push Farther Project, recording artists
Cat Bennet, story source (not pictured)
Canton, New York
Cat Bennet – story source
Will Foote, Alex Wilder, Malcolm Brooks, Nora Willauer – musical sherpas

We Band Together

Cat Bennet, a farmer in upstate New York, reveals her experience of the changing American dream.
What do you do when money fails?
For me, wealth was measured in healthy food
And getting to play outside. I never noticed we were poor,
I had cows to hug and trees to climb.
But now, as the whole world falls apart,
As the whole world falls apart,
We band together, keep each other going,
Side by side.
We band together, keep each other going
To survive.
My mom is on a medication.
Last night she said to bring some over to Rose.
She needs a bottle, and we have three or four.
We’re family, we’re neighbors, and she could use some more.
So now, as the whole world falls apart…
We band together….
Throwing cedar posts in the back of the car,
We turn around and see this man.
He’s the type of person who we wouldn’t know,
Lending us a hand.
We band together….

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