Hazel Delehey – Counting Down the Days (and more)

Hazel Delahey – story source, vocals, guitar
Camden, Maine
Malcolm Brooks – Musical Sherpa
Counting Down the Days
Hazel Delehey wrestles with why she’s missing home. Last time she camped on Alfred Lake it was wonderful. But now, something’s not right, either inside her or out in the world.
I’m sitting in my tent
Upset at myself
And the world around me.
Disappointment flies around
In bits and pieces
Haunting me everyday.
I should be happy
Considering my surroundings,
The beautiful place I’m in,
The beautiful place I’m in.
But I can’t see it in a bright light.
It’s more like a dark light.
Counting down the days,
Just wanting to go home,
Watching the clock tick by,
It couldn’t go any slower.
I had a good time
With friends the year before.
Now they all left me.
All new people have appeared.
I’m not so comfortable,
Not easy anymore.
I should be happy,
Considering my surroundings,
The beautiful place I’m in,
The beautiful place I’m in.
But I can’t see it in a bright light.
It’s more like a dark light.
Counting down the days…
Got to make the best of this.
So much in my head.
Going to write down all my thoughts
In the journal under my bed.
I’m going to watch the sunset on the lake.
I’m going to listen to the loons.
Counting down the days…

Alex Wilder – Producer

Nathan Hillman – Viola

I Thought the Show was Over (live iPhone recording)
Hazel Delehey – Story Source
Malcolm Brooks – Musical Sherpa
Hazel still remembers when she walked up on stage in the middle of a ballet performance.
One day my grandma
Took me to the nutcracker
To watch my cousin Annie perform.
I was six or seven.
My grandma had some roses.
I wanted to give Annie the flowers.
Dancers still dancing,
Lights were still off,
I thought the show was over.
So I took the flowers
Walked up on stage,
Tried to hand Annie the flowers.
Everything was quiet.
The crowd just stared.
I was still up on the stage.
Dancers still dancing…
Suddenly the curtain closed
And it closed on me.
I ran off the stage crying.
I went back to grandma.
What was I supposed to do?
She said I’ll just take you home.
Dancers still dancing…
So remember this –
My timing is not good,
Never sure when to stay or go.
Dancers still dancing…


Seeing Something I Had Never Seen Before
Hazel Delehey – Story Source
Malcolm Brooks – Musical Sherpa
On a trip to the Caribbean, Hazel found surprising meaning in her first scuba dive ever.
I put on my wet suit,
Scuba tank on my back,
Put my mask over my face,
Stepped onto the boat.
I was super scared and also excited,
Seeing something I had never seen before.
Floating in the water,
Slipped under a wave,
Dove into a whole new world.
I felt free,
No more worries in the world!
Seeing something I had never seen before.
When I looked around,
Giant dark place.
I could feel the strength
Of the water above me.
Diving below the surface,
Swam with hundreds of fish.
For a minute I had fins,
I had fins, too.
No more worries in the world,
Seeing something I had never seen before.

Additioal Songs with Hazel:
Angel and a Sword

Hannah Batley – Star or an Angel (and more)

Hannah Batley

Orono, Maine

Hannah Batley on iTunes:


Hannah Batley re-lives moments of affection and inspiration from a family friend.
He would try to teach me how to point my toe.
I would point to my toe with my hand.
No one sat in his chair, ‘cause it was his chair,
But if you sat in his lap, he’d understand.
In his pocket he kept seeds from a sunflower,
‘Cause to him they showed the wonder of God.
He was amazed at how brown seeds turned to sunflowers.
Oh, that was my Papa Pod.
So hold me and sing to me songs
Of the sunflower with God in its seed.
Remind me life is beautiful.
Remind me of the sunflower,
That’s all I need.
Christmas eve, we would drive over to his house.
He would wait for us outside if there was snow.
He would aim at the car and throw a snowball.
It was a tradition all of his own.
He was the best at breaking bread.
How he loved, he loved, he loved to bake bread.
There was a place that he called “The Tree Cathedral.”
It was a spot of woods in front of his house.
It was there that we all stood and spread his ashes.
It was there, it was there, it was there that never came out.
Hannah Batley – story source
Malcolm Brooks – musical sherpa
Lady on the Radio
Session artists:
Hannah Batley – vocal
Nora Willauer – cello
Sophie Davis and Josie Davis – violins
Nathan Hillman – viola
Malcolm Brooks – guitar, bass
Rush DeNooyer – piano
A documentary song collaboration with Hannah Batley and Rush DeNooyer
Vocal: Hannah Batley
Harmony: Meredith Batley
Guitar: Malcolm Brooks
Cello: Nora Willauer
Violin: Sophie Davis
Viola: Nathan Hillman

Star or an Angel

Hannah Batley thought she was lost, slipping off into the margins, and then events suggested otherwise.
The school was small and suffocating.
I lost my voice and couldn’t get it back,
And everyone knew everyone, and knew what everyone was up to.
I had sort of separated from the pack.
Spent the summer home with my parents,
Painting houses as a summer job.
I wasn’t sure I’d be able to go back to that school,
Or even if I wanted to at all.
I didn’t know where I was going,
But looking back it feels so clear.
But looking back there was someone showing me the way,
Yes, a star or an angel was here.
But how could there possibly be
A star or an angel for me, for me?
So here I am, all grown up,
Not concerned with being the best,
Doing what I love, what I love, what I love to do,
And let the universe handle the rest.
But how could there possibly be
A star or an angel for me, for me?
For me, for me,
A star or an angel for me.

Dancing at Home

Hannah Batley of Orono, Maine, longs for an evening of quiet romance rather than a night on the town. Dancing at Home was Hannah’s birthday song for Jason Bolton. He was her fiancé and is now her husband.
You’re flying around the country
Sitting in airports
Thinking of me
And I’m at home alone counting the days
Till we’re dancing, dancing
Dancing at home
Till we’re dancing, dancing
Dancing at home
You’re living out of a suitcase
Getting some rest
Feeling your best
And I’m at home alone counting the days
Till we’re dancing, dancing…
You’ll sing me some Sinatra
Hold me near
Call me dear
How do I love thee?
I want to talk about unimportant things
And leave the world behind
Let’s just stay young at heart
Just dancing, dancing
Dancing at home
We’re just dancing, dancing
Dancing at home

Will Foote – Push Farther (and more)

The Push Farther Project
Documentary Singer/Songwriter
Rockport, Maine
Songs with Will:


Will began singing at age eight. He sang from the time he awoke each morning, all during showering, and even while eating breakfast. He took guitar lessons and played and sang, unaware that fellow students would sit outside the door and listen to his voice.

He chose to attend college at St. Lawrence University and was invited to solo in three ensembles. As a sociology major and back-country trail guide, he began reflecting on his experiences and composing songs that expressed emotions in a direct, plain-spoken way.
In 2014, Alex Wilder heard Will’s voice on a recording and invited him to join him in the Push Farther Project.
In December 2015, Will collaborated on a song to document a World War II veteran’s experience as a prisoner in a Japanese prison camp.
In April 2016, with fellow songwriter Chloë Isis, he conducted the first-ever live documentary songwriting session on radio.

After graduating from St. Lawrence University in the spring of 2017, Will has been writing, arranging, recording, and producing documentary songs with Alex and Malcolm at Beauchamp Point Studios.
Their recent goal has been to write, arrange, record, mix, and produce a song a week. Throughout the summer of 2017, they have been meeting their song-a-week goal, and posting the songs on the website.

Push Farther

For Will, the farms, the rivers, and even the churches of upstate New York call to him to test his limits, but no matter how far he pushes himself, something tells him he still has more to go.

Will Foote – Story Source
Nora Willauer, Malcolm Brooks, Alex Wilder – Musical Sherpas
Will Foote, Alex Wilder – vocals
Nora Willauer – cello
Sophie Davis and Josie Davis – violins
Film Credits:
Dana Rae Warren and Alex Forcillo – directors and cinematographers
Malcolm Brooks – editor
One night I climbed a silo
Climbed a silo to sit on top
Not many people know about it
150, pretty steep drop
Found a picnic table waiting up there
I saw the stars that night and felt the air
Push farther, the stars above the silo say
Push farther, they say
New York hills and farmland
Remind me of the ocean
If you go out far enough
Instead of water, grass in motion
Hard to get to when you don’t own a car
On a bike it feels like twice as far
Push farther, the waves of endless farmland say
Push farther, they say
The Avenue of the Elms
Long road and shady ground
At the end there’s a chapel
But the steeple has burned down
One night I went there, in my bare feet
I saw the moon where the steeple would be
Push farther, the fires that burned the steeple say
Push farther, they say
Seven miles of woods and snow
On cross-country skis
Hiked an icy hill and saw
A mansion before me
Two dogs and a carpenter appeared
Working there for 17 years
Push farther, the carpenter and the two dogs say
Push farther, they say
They call it the Grass River
One morning I put in
I canoed through woods and marshes
For hours on end
An old man at a cabin said, “Come sit”
So on his narrow dock, I talked to him
Push farther, the old man and the river say
Push farther, they say
© 2016 Beauchamp Point Music

Tori Arau – Curl Up with Louisa

Tori Arau,

Wenham, Massachusetts

Story Source: Tori Arau
Musical Sherpas: Malcolm Brooks, Rohan Edwards
Vocals: Tori Arau, Rohan Edwards

Curl Up With Louisa (iPhone recording)
During a trip to Boston to visit her childhood friend Louisa, Tori found herself balancing the social needs of her college roommate with the yearning to reconnect with Louisa.

We were walking down the street,
I was talking to Louisa,
Trying to catch up on the details of her life. 
My roommate walked between us,
Between me and Louisa,
The person I had come to see.


I want to curl up with Louisa,
Hear about her life,
I want to curl up with Louisa.
I want to curl up with Louisa,
Do those things we do,
I want to curl up with Louisa.


While we were in the north end,
Looking for cannolis,
We found a shop where we could talk.
My roommate sat between us,
Between me and Louisa,
Asking for our next destination.




Later sitting on the floor,
With our cups of tea,
My roommate and i hugged it out.
She said Louisa was great,
She liked getting to know her,
It was almost as if she’d said:


Chorus x2

Cody Prandelli – The Midway Point


Cody Prandelli

Camden, Maine:

At the Midway Point

Source: spoken personal story

About two weeks ago
It snowed a good amount
I’m sledding with my mom
Over at Mount Battie
On the way up
No one can drive
We just take the sleds up by walking
So as you know of course
We had to bring along
Both our dogs Nellie and Harley
It usually takes a while
To get up to the top
Because we get where it’s pretty steep
And although it’s hard to walk
Through all the snow and ice
It’s nice to talk to my mom
And have a chat
Then we reach a point
Where we pick up great speed
We both prepare the sleds
So nothing slows us down
So we go down with great speed
Because the road is pretty steep
Especially at the midway point
And we have both dogs chasing us
Behind us like rabid squirrels.
it’s great to feel a cool breeze
Through my hair
We finally slow to a stop
And Harley catches up
We decide we should probably rest
If not he’d die
So we go down with great speed
Because the road is pretty steep
Especially at the midway point