What we do

Documentary Songwriters are musical pioneers who help people create songs from their own spoken words.

Every life has a story. Every story deserves a voice.

Connecting with others is paramount to health. New research affirms this; social isolation causes higher stress levels, sleep disruption, inflammation, and immune system alteration.
Moreover, in the United States and across the globe, we are divided by political, racial, and socioeconomic boundaries, and loneliness is recognized as a public health epidemic. While we may be continuously connected digitally, isolation seems to be increasing.
People around the world love music, regardless of their heritage. With its documented ability to mend wounds and bridge gaps, song is a powerful vehicle for self-expression and healing. A recorded song can cross great distances and create a connection between people who have never met in person.


To bear witness to the human condition by giving voice, through music, to personal experience.


To help people create songs from their spoken words and to make these songs available to others who might then feel less alone.

Documentary Songwriters is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.