Well, darling you know how much you meet to me
And you know how much I care.
I’ll do what it takes to stick with you
Or as much as I can bear.
I’ll communicate, cooperate,
But if I’m gonna put the work in
Meet me halfway.

Well, I’ll talk it out from start to finish,
Find out what went wrong.
I’ll give in, I’ll check in, I’ll let you in
We’ll be back where we belong.
I’ll communicate…
Some things are beyond my control.
Some things just need to be let go.
Some things you ask would be harmful to my health.
So, babe, you gotta do some understanding for yourself.
Well, I’ll be there when you need comforting,
I’ll be there when you’re down.
I’ll give you space when you’re suffocating.
When you’re lonely I’ll be around.
I’ll communicate…

Alex Wilder – story source, vocal
Malcolm Brooks – musical sherpa
Nora Willauer – cello, vocal
Will Foote – guitar, vocal

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