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Alex Wilder – story source, vocals, guitars, bass
Nora Willauer – musical sherpa, cello
Will Foote – musical sherpa, guitar, vocals
Malcolm Brooks – musical sherpa



Either Fall or Winter
In a reverie, Alex Wilder watches someone who may have hesitated too long to seize the moment — someone who begins to look familiar.
He sits in a field
And thinks about
Where is she now
He writes a letter, doesn’t know what it’s for
It’s seven pages long
But it haunts him even more
Now it’s either fall or winter,
And he can’t make up his mind.
No he doesn’t ever call her and he hasn’t seen her since,
It’s either fall or winter,
But he can’t leave her behind
He went to the sea
Some time ago
Fell in love with her
He wanted to tell her, but decided to wait
The summer ended soon
And by that time he knew it was too late
Now it’s either fall or winter. . .
Oh where is she now?
Well it’s either fall or winter,
And he can’t make up his mind.
He doesn’t ever call her,
And I haven’t seen her since.
All those conversations on the beach,
Well it’s all my fault you’re out of reach
And all I want is to hold your hand in mine
And I can’t, no I can’t, leave you behind
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