Beth Vix
Beth Vix – story source
Camden, Maine
Bay Chamber’s Documentary Songwriting Class – musical sherpas
He Would Call Me Rosebud (iPhone recording)
And he would sing me Edelweiss
As I went to bed
He would play guitar for me
I still hear it in my head
And he would call me Rosebud

Unrecorded verses:

We would watch parades
Or going walking or anything
I remember he would carry me
On his shoulders
My mom said he was kind of annoying
Just like my little brother
And he would sing me Edelweiss…
He used to make little Spock ears
Out of paper plates
And stick them to the side of his head
With my uncles
He would make little animals
Out of his vegetables at dinner
He refused to eat anything green
And he would sing me Edelweiss…
When I was four, in the middle of the night
He passed away of a disease of the heart
And i was right there when it happened
And mom was crying
And I didn’t know what was going on
And he would sing me Edelweiss…


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