Nora Willauer is an award-winning studio and concert cellist and Executive Director of Documentary Songwriters. She is an alumna of University of Oregon and Bay Chamber Concerts and Music School. Her thesis on cello arranging for documentary songwriting has earned a place in the University of Oregon’s permanent collection. She currently studies at the Cleveland Institute of Music and led the #MeToo Songs project, as featured on NPR’s Morning Edition. Her email address is

Melodi Var Öngel is a humanitarian and musician. In 2019, she gave an acclaimed TEDx talk on her documentary songwriting project in Cyprus: Songs Across Boundaries. She holds a B.A. from Bennington College and a Masters from the London School of Economics. Her goal is to use documentary songwriting as a way to increase communication and to construct alternative futures. She current resides in Geneva, Switzerland, and serves as in intern at the United Nations. Her email address is

Joaquin Contreras is a multi-instrumentalist and documentary songwriter. He focuses on writing documentary songs with families and communities in order to help them preserve their histories and cultures. He is a graduate of Bennington College, where he studied composition, theory, and musical performance. He also works with a student-led organization called Ganas, which provides support to Latinx migrant workers in southern Vermont. Joaquin is interested in collaborating with young musicians in disadvantaged areas. His email address is

Mimi Bornstein is a vocalist, composer, and choral director. She is the director of the DocSong Choir and also the founder of the Midcoast Community Chorus that has grown from 40 voices to over 120. Mimi has also partnered with choral director Charles Brown to form the Voices United Community Chorus, a multi-racial interfaith chorus in Arlington, Virginia. Her email address is

Josie Davis has performed in a wide range of venues from Carnegie Hall in New York to the Monte Music Festival in India. She is interested in how music can be used as a form of cultural empowerment to build bridges and strengthen communities. Her teaching has brought her to Panama, India, and Community MusicWorks in Rhode Island. Josie is the founder and director of summer programs in Maine and Connecticut. She is thrilled to have recently moved back to Maine, where she splits her time between playing in Palaver Strings and Halcyon String Quartet and working at Bay Chamber Concerts & Music School. She is a member of the board of directors of Documentary Songwriters and serves as secretary. Josie holds degrees from Oberlin and Harvard. Her email address is

Caleb Edwards is both a recording artist and a visual artist. He can be heard on Spotify on “Where My Eyes Should Go.” His drawings and paintings have sold steadily for a number of years. His instruments include violin, mandolin, bass, and drums of every shape and size. His email address is

Hazel Delehey is a documentary songwriter and studio vocalist. She pioneered the first documentary song for a documentary film for the High Mountain Institute in Colorado. She is also the first to offer her voice to represent women in the #Me Too Songs project. Additionally, Hazel is interested in writing songs with people who look to nature to guide them through struggle. Her email address is

Malcolm Brooks, PhD, is a composer and documentary songwriter. His work is heard on PBS, NOVA and the History Channel. He has written music for films that have won honors, including two Emmy nominations and a Peabody award. He serves on the faculty at Bay Chamber Concerts and Music School and holds degrees from Columbia, Berkeley, and Prescott. Malcolm is interested in writing documentary songs with people who are trying to understand their self-identity and who seek to become fully themselves in their own culture. His email address is

Chris Finn is a documentary songwriter and guitarist who has sung and played in churches since childhood, spending 13 years leading a Los Angeles based contemporary music church band. At DocSong, Chris serves as treasurer of the board and leads the Songs of Oswald Chambers project. His email address is

Zach Arfa is a documentary songwriter and dancer. Through his work at Hilltown Youth Performing Arts Programs, he has pioneered documentary songwriting in summer musicals and in camps addressing addiction and mental or health challenges. He attends Oberlin College where he is majoring in psychology and dance. Zach believes that it may be healing for individuals to be listened to openly, without judgment, as in documentary songwriting. He is interested in exploring the connection of that relationship and a therapeutic one. His email address is

Tori Arau (they/them/their) handles whatever needs doing at DocSong. Tori has a Bachelor’s of Science in environmental chemistry from Gordon College, graduating with honors in August 2019. They have worked for various labs funded by the Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation, and various international sources. However Tori is not only a scientist, they are also experienced in science writing, music composition, and podcast production. Tori is interested in writing documentary songs with queer people and people who have chronic health problems. Their email is

Will Foote is a vocalist and songwriter. He has been instrumental in bringing documentary songs to venues ranging from folk festivals to intimate settings. In the role of a participant, he has composed melodic themes live on radio. In rural upstate New York, Will worked to document the emotions and experiences of contemporary farmers through music. He traveled to a center in Antwerp, Belgium to listen and write songs with people seeking asylum. Along with writing and performing, Will also teaches the documentary songwriting method in various ways, from high schools to internships. He is a graduate of Brewster Academy and of St. Lawrence University. Will wants to write documentary songs with people who have learning differences, as well as people who feel alienated in their communities. His email address is

Rushmore DeNooyer has served the fields of music and film in numerous roles, including writer, producer, director, and composer. His film credits include over 25 documentaries for NOVA, the History Channel, the Smithsonian, and others. His awards include three Emmy nominations and a Peabody. His email address is

Khalid Taylor is a documentary songwiter and vocalist. He serves as a life and growth coach for people on a spiritual path. He holds a degree from Oberlin College in Musical Studies and currently lives in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. His email address is

Alex Wilder is a producer and songwriter. He has arranged and produced recordings for Mostly Brothers, the Push Farther Project, Chloë Isis, and Hazel Delehey. He has led sessions in documentary songwriting, both in English and Spanish, in the U.S., Cuba, and Spain. He is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Oberlin College. Alex is interested in writing documentary songs with populations affected by violence and harassment. He’d like to help people express their difficulties and share their coping mechanisms with those in similar situations. You can read more about Alex at His email address is

Jonny Westhorp is a guitarist and documentary songwriter from Manchester, England, living and working in Belgium. He holds popular and jazz music degrees from the University of Salford, UK, and the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp, Belgium. He is currently studying for his masters in Jazz guitar. Having trained in community music with Musicians Without Borders, Jonny is interested in using music as a way of uniting and integrating marginalised members of society into the community. His email address is

Sophie Davis received degrees in violin performance and environmental studies from Oberlin College and Conservatory, and has since divided her time between musical performance and pedagogy. In 2017, Sophie was awarded a Fulbright U.S. Student Research Grant to spend nine months in the South Pacific island nation of Samoa where she explored the ways in which the arts can raise awareness of climate change. Sophie currently teaches strings at two music schools in Maine and is a member of the Halcyon String Quartet – an ensemble dedicated to using music and the arts to cultivate environmental stewardship.Her email address is

Genevieve Roby is a vocalist and documentary songwriter. From 2016 to 2018, she was a member of a band that covered songs to perform to the local community. In 2018 she and her bandmates, the group now titled RSB, produced a mini-album of original music called EPic. She attends Bennington College, where she studies the performing arts and creative writing. Genevieve is interested in the ways that music can be used as an inherent means of human connection and understanding. Her email address is

Ken Goldman started formal percussion studies in Iowa City. After focusing on classical music at Northwestern University’s School of Music, he turned to drum set and studied with Hamid Drake (Don Cherry) and Mark Walker (Oregon). He recorded with several bands while living in Oakland and toured with new grass band Sugar Beat. Performance highlights include the Telluride Bluegrass Festival with Tony Furtado and Matt Flinner, CBGB with Peter Stuart and playing the annual Replacements Tribute at First Avenue. Currently, he drums in jazz trio Katz and Dogs, soul/jive band Dizzy Hat, power pop band Good Mitten and various recording endeavors in the back room of his house. His email address is

Chloë Isis is a songwriter and vocalist. In 2018, she composed and recorded with the Bay Chamber-Carnegie Hall Lullaby Project. Chloë conducted the first-ever live documentary songwriting session on radio. She is earning her undergraduate degree at Warren-Wilson College. Chloe is interested in writing documentary songs with people who are deaf, children, and people who are processing grief. Her email address is

Caroline Rex-Waller pioneered the first-ever documentary songwriting workshop in a high school. Under her leadership, 37 students generated 37 lyrical and melodic sketches in 4 days. She directs the curriculum design project for Documentary Songwriters and teaches at Open School East in Portland, Oregon. She graduated from Smith College and is currently enrolled in a long-distance Master’s program at Middlebury. Her email address is

Board of Directors

Monica Kelly serves as President on the Board of Directors and is Executive Director of Bay Chamber Concerts and Music School. She is also the founder of the Odeon Orchestra, the first youth orchestra for young instrumentalists in the midcoast of Maine. She is graduate of Bowdoin College, with a major in Visual Arts and Art History.

Jody Kerchner is a professor at Oberlin College. She specializes in secondary school music and choral music education She was awarded the Oberlin College Excellence in Teaching Award in 2011. She is founder and conductor of Oberlin Music at Grafton, a prison choir at the Grafton Correctional Institution. Prior to teaching at the collegiate level, Kerchner taught K-8 general and choral music in Swarthmore, Pa., and Winnetka, Il., and was conductor of the Oberlin Youth Chorale. An active clinician, she has presented keynote addresses, research papers, and pedagogy workshops nationally and internationally at conferences in North and South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Kerchner also frequently serves as guest choral conductor for elementary, middle, and high school honors choral festivals.