Chloë Isis – story source, vocals

Alex Wilder – electric piano, bass, vocals

Malcolm Brooks – musical sherpa
Produced by Alex Wilder

Chloë Isis tells what it took her to get her license.
I took Driver’s Ed, I sat for hours in class.
I learn to park and yield and best of all how to pass.
There were all these questions, I couldn’t answer them all.
I missed the one about the legal limit of alcohol.
I drove with the teacher, he had his own brake.
He made me stop at the stop signs, that was his only mistake.
I drove to Waldoboro and then back again.
I was counting the hours, I had to get to ten.
I love the DMV, you know what I mean.
They gave me a number, it was a hundred nineteen.
Long story short, I got my permit today.
Good news for me, but maybe you should consider staying out of my way.