NPR’s Carrie Wise interviews Nora Willauer about how she uses documentary songwriting in the Songs of #MeToo project.

Melodi Var Öngel at TEDx – Songs Across Boundries, a documentary songwriting peace project

Malcolm Brooks at Carnegie Hall presents a lullaby composed using the documentary songwriting method.

A lullaby composed using the documentary songwriting method.

On a public television show, Malcolm Brooks demonstrates the documentary songwriting method in under 6 minutes.

Belfast Television broadcast of “Necklace,” performed by Chloë Isis, Will Foote, and Alex Wilder

An inside look at documentary songwriting, with interviews and excerpts from live songwriting sessions. Produced and directed by Jeb Smereck.

Lindsey Mills interviews Malcolm Brooks at the Bay Chamber – Carnegie Hall Lullaby Project.

Rohan Edwards offers a podcast of a songwriting session for Chloë Isis‘s docsong Kindness.

WERU’s Scot Cannon pioneers the first documentary songwriting session on radio

Scot Cannon interviews documentary songwriters Nora Willauer, Will Foote and Alex Wilder and records them live.