Hannah Batley re-lives moments of affection and inspiration from a family friend.
He would try to teach me how to point my toe.
I would point to my toe with my hand.
No one sat in his chair, ‘cause it was his chair,
But if you sat in his lap, he’d understand.
In his pocket he kept seeds from a sunflower,
‘Cause to him they showed the wonder of God.
He was amazed at how brown seeds turned to sunflowers.
Oh, that was my Papa Pod.
So hold me and sing to me songs
Of the sunflower with God in its seed.
Remind me life is beautiful.
Remind me of the sunflower,
That’s all I need.

Christmas eve, we would drive over to his house.
He would wait for us outside if there was snow.
He would aim at the car and throw a snowball.
It was a tradition all of his own.
So hold me and sing to me songs…
He was the best at breaking bread.
How he loved, he loved, he loved to bake bread.
There was a place that he called “The Tree Cathedral.”
It was a spot of woods in front of his house.
It was there that we all stood and spread his ashes.
It was there, it was there, it was there that never came out.
So hold me and sing to me songs…

Hannah Batley – story source, vocal
Malcolm Brooks – musical sherpa, guitar, bass
Nora Willauer – cello
Sophie Davis and Josie Davis – violins
Nathan Hillman – viola
Rush DeNooyer – piano

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