From Melodi Var Öngel and Malcolm Brooks: We have met a number of people who struggle with a mix or a change of self-identity. In some instances, the struggle arises from upbringing. One of their parents may be from one culture and the other parent from another, quite different culture.
In other instances, the struggle arises from a foundational change in their life. A loved one dies, and the world may expect them to act in a different way.
To be accepted in their own culture, they may hide away a part of themselves – the part that doesn’t fit or cannot adjust. Yet this part of one’s identity has a voice. It, too, deserves to be heard.
We began collaborating with people who have experienced this inner conflict. The songs in this project come from people from contrasting cultures, such as Québec, Iraq, the United Kingdom, and the Côte d’Ivoire. What the songs reveal, at least to us, is grace and strength. Each song feels like an unanticipated treasure.