Isaiah Doble
Isaiah Doble,

Rockport, Maine:

Battle Song

Source: spoken personal reverie

I’m a young man
I am in the war.
I’m a blue.
I am one of the elite,
One of the strong and the brave
And the fast and wise.
Sword and shield clashing
War cries
Arrows flying,
Sounds of horse hooves, armor clattering,
Victory and defeat,
It’s our only castle
And we want to keep it.
if we share
We will starve.
We must fight
And defeat the foe.
We must fight
And defeat the foe.
Sword and shield clashing..
Come and join me
In this disastrous war
Fight by my side
And together we will win.
We will fight
Till the last breath
And we will never leave your side.
Sword and shield clashing..