Peter Galloway

Hope, Maine

Peter Galloway – story source
Jillian Galloway, Warren Galloway – musical sherpas
Peter Galloway, Warren Galloway, Jillian Galloway – vocals
Warren Galloway – guitar
Jillian Galloway – piano
Malcolm Brooks – bass
Clare Galloway – tambourine
Pure Medicine
Peter Galloway discovers a secret sanctuary in an old downtown building.

Well, you have to walk up through this long maze of staircase
It is on the top floor in a corner through a small door
The door was very old, had one of those old metal knobs
White pine floor, walls so bare
Pure medicine, pure medicine
To be there and play
Without holding back anything
Big square room windows on two walls
That open out on the church and the blue harbor
Look out and see the mountains and my old high school
The harbor and the downtown street
Pure medicine, pure medicine…
I opened up the case, took out my violin
Played a few notes and made new melodies
I felt like I’d blazed a new trail by myself
Got to do things like this, keep branching out
Pure medicine, pure medicine…