After leaving Home for school, Joaquín Contreras wrestles with being away from his family after three of his relatives perish in a shooting.
My grandfather used to drive me
to school every morning,
He loved to listen to the blues
I know he’d have wanted me to go
Now I’m far from home
Then I remember his voice
That sweet lovin’ sound
And I feel a little more better
My uncle always had
a good attitude in life
And told me “do something you love
and you’ll be alright.”

Now I’m far from home…
22, still so young
My cousin didn’t deserve it
He had two little girls
He had a lot going for him
A kid went into the shop that day
Took their lives with a gun
It broke my family’s hearts
Every single one
Now I’m far from home…
Joaquin Contreras – story source, guitar

Alex Wilder – musical sherpa, upright bass, vocals

Chloë Isis, Will Foote – musical sherpas, vocals

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