La Practicerie is a community of people who want to practice regularly but who could use help with self-scheduling. La Practicerie, or “practice bakery,” augments self-discipline with group motivation and helps people to practice and perfect their music.
Members gather at the Pacticerie room or sign-on to videochat from their homes. They then practice their own separate pieces of music and share progress with one another.
Members also avail themselves of the practice chef, a music mentor who provides helpful teaching and feedback.
He provides guidance in:

  1. Breaking down tricky passages into perfectable components
  2. Identifying how to practice a component
  3. Knowing how long to practice it
  4. Deciding what constitutes perfection
  5. Re-assembling the perfected components into a perfect passage

To register for the practicerie, please email Malcolm Brooks at
There is a modest fee to join.
See you there!