Will Foote – Story Source

Nora Willauer, Malcolm Brooks, Alex Wilder – Musical Sherpas

Will Foote, Alex Wilder, Nora Willauer – vocals, guitars and cello
Will Foote takes a last look at the place where things were clear and bonds were strong.
Here I am leaving this place
I called my home for three years.
Although I’ll be back some day,
I’ll never leave this old house of ours.
The guys on the floor became like big and little brothers
Living through the good times and the bad.
But time is short for me and my big and little brothers.
People on the floor became family.
Like 1960s teenagers
In Bye Bye Birdie shirts,
We played guitars in Bozzo’s room.
Everyone who wandered through could sleep and talk all day,
Even when Bozzo was away.
Here I am leaving this place…
One place I went to by the water.
The mountain was right behind the lake.
No cars, no sports games, no one around.
Little waves crashed against the shore.
Here I am leaving this place…
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