Walking at dawn to the music school to practice, Nora Willauer meets someone who is heading home after his night shift. Although they are both alone, for a brief moment, they find companionship in a simple greeting.
Well I get early in the morning
Before the sunrise
In the hallway there’s the cleaning man
He’s cleaning up
I say good morning and he laughs
He says that not quite right
For you, it’s good morning
For me, goodnight
Little exchanges
Are all I need
When I’m working hard alone
I could be lonely but for
Little exchanges
Like goodnight
And good morning

In the winter I tried sleeping in
And came to school a bit later
But I missed the quiet mornings
So I got up early again
I saw the cleaning man
The moment I walked in
He said I set my watch to you
Where have you been?
Little Exchanges….
He said your shoe’s untied
I said I already knew
I said I’d deal with it later
Like I always do
Little Exchanges…

Nora Willauer – story source
Alex Wilder, Will Foote, Malcolm Brooks – teaching artists
Recording: The Push Farther Project
Produced by Alex Wilder


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