liza with parakeet

Liza Dale-Hallett, story source

Melbourne, Australia 

Marieke Slovin – musical sherpa, vocal

Malcolm Brooks – musical sherpa
I Need to Feel This Place (live iPhone recording)
At a conference at Concordia University in Montréal, Liza Dale-Hallett told how she had traveled from Australia to the U.S. in hopes of understanding her sister’s emigration over 3 decades ago.
A story about my sister
Who marries an American
And her new life in America
In a house i have not seen
She was creating something new
But going to something old
I need to see this house,
I need to see this street,
My sister has been in America
For nearly 30 years.
To feel connected with her
I need to feel this place
The street was marked in my imaginings
By the fact that a few doors down
There lived a convicted murderer
Who wore a bracelet.
Her husband had an array
Of weaponry for feeling secure.
I need to see this house..
Three thousand cooking books.
There was so much in that house
It was sort of broken. loved to death.
It was sinking.
That is my image of the house
And my sister’s new life
I need to see this house…
She’s been living on the other side of the world
Now she has moved on
I’m gonna go now to that house
even if she’s gone
I need to see this house…