From the #MeToo Songs project: Dina Black, story source, breaks four decades of silence. She hopes for a solution that is broader than justice.
If I spoke up
After 40 years
Does it take away what you’ve done
Does my life get any better
If you spend yours in jail

My father said
Do you have your legs
Do you have your arms
Then you’ll be okay
That is kept me standing
And I’m still here
When I woke up
There were two of them
They held a knife at my throat
They had a necktie tied
Over my eyes
Then they took turns
My father said…
I don’t have the answers
But something’s got to give
I want to break the silence but
That alone won’t heal
My father said…

Nora Willauer – teaching artist
Hazel Delehey, Will Foote – vocals, guitars
A rehearsal with Nora Willauer, Will Foote , Sophie Davis, Hazel Delehey, and Malcolm Brooks: