My Wish for You – Chloë Isis

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Chloë Isis – musical sherpa, vocals

Alex Wilder – piano, vocals

Malcolm Brooks – story source

Dedicated to Billy Mumma
Produced by Alex Wilder

Learning that a long-time friend is gay and has decided to move away, Malcolm Brooks wrestles with losing contact but wanting what’s best for his friend.
You finally told me your secret
You told no one for years
You tell me that soon you’ll be moving
There’s nobody like you here
You tell me you can’t keep pretending
And fighting the grain of the world
You have to be true to your body
And do the things you feel
They told you, you had to change
Now everything is changing around you
My wish for you
Is that you never have to be something you’re not
Don’t ever get lost
You think we’ll become too different,
When everything starts to change
To me our beautiful friendship
Will remain the same
They told you, you had to change…
I worry that when you’re in trouble
You’ll forget who you can call
I may be part of your old world
But I’m still a part of it all
They told you you had to change…

Word count: 194
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