As part of the Documentary Art Project, Hannah Wells offers her artistic interpretation of a recording by Hazel Delehey, Genevieve Roby, and Will Foote.
Back story: At a middle school in the Ukraine, Genevieve Roby sees a group bullying her friend Anja. Genevieve takes a stand and intervenes, but she is one against many.
I was in middle school
Friend from India
Named Anja
She was made fun of
For how much hair she had on her arms
Coming from one girl to another

Russian speaking girls
Walking up to her
In the hallway
Laughing at her face
They told her to shave her arms
Coming from one girl to another
I was going to hit them or push them
Into the locker
I felt unpredictable
I yelled at them
They smirked and walked away
Don’t need to help the world
Push, push us down
As a gender
We’re not in middle school
I want us to spread love
Coming from one woman to another
Coming from one woman to another

Genevieve Roby – story source, vocals
Hazel Delehey – teaching artist, vocals
Will Foote – vocals
Malcolm Brooks – teaching artist
Ken Goldman – drums
Alex Wilder – piano, percussion

Produced by Alex Wilder

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