From the writer Kathrin Seitz

At Sweetland School

DocSong – Five Signs of Impact

DID SHE CHANGE: Exploring Cello in Documentary Songwriting and Expanding the Role of a Classical Cellist by Nora Willauer

Responsible Songwriting: Problems of Ethics and Negotiation
in Collaborative Autoethnographic Composition
by Alex Wilder

Autoethnography of a Composer with a New Method by Malcolm Brooks

Stages and Breakthroughs by Marieke Slovin and Malcolm Brooks

Lullaby Project lets young parents’ love sing by Sarah E. Reynolds

An alternate approach that has been used in English theatre:
How Do you Write a Documentary Song by Adam Cork

First Interview for Radio, with Scot Cannon, Chloë Isis, Will Foote, and Malcolm Brooks

The Proceedings from the 2017 Documentary Songwriters Conference