Riley Duggan

Riley Duggan

Camden, Maine


Riley Duggan was one of the first songwriters to explore Documentary Songwriting at Bay Chamber Concerts and Music School.
Story Source: Riley Duggan
Musical Sherpas: Cooper Krause, Orion Krause, Cody Prandelli


The Good Parts of My Life

Riley Duggan weaves four experiences into a philosophy.

It’s sort of interesting
How you feel life’s full of stories
But when you actually have to think of one
Nothing comes to mind
Although I don’t have a specific
Story to tell I do
Have a good amount of memories
And moments and good times

I guess I’ll have to mention
One of the first good days of the year
When it was sunny out
And we were outside at the back of the school
Working on this Old Man John song
And it was a pretty good time
Although the song was pretty much done
We all laughed and once we heard
Brennan’s deep bass we knew we had it


Another time I can remember
Was the day at my house and we traveled
Along in this field and got to this rocky beach
And although it was snowing
It was warmest day we’d had in a while
And we sat on the beach on my jacket
And looked up at the snow
We had a philosophical discussion
And talked about philosophy and talked about life for awhile
Even though we were just sitting on the beach I swear
For a moment we really were there in hyper space
With the falling snow


Another memory i can’t forget
One about the burning grilled cheese incident
At my house
We were distracted for 20 minutes – too long
And we all smelled a peculiar stench
Only to remember burning grilled cheese.
I ran to the kitchen
And to my surprise
A blanket of smoke flew into my eyes
I ran out the door and had quick snack
And told my friends
That sandwich ain’t coming back


I guess also remember this one moment or time
When I had to leave for the summer
It was one of these last spring nights
I was skating around with my friend Mike
Dwelling on the unfortunate situation of my leave
And although I was sad to leave
It was a good moment after all
Because Mike made me feel so much better about it

So I guess I didn’t really have a story at all
But I did have a few moments off the top of my head
Probably more meaningful than any story I could have had
Even though they are simple
Even though they are simple
They really represent
The good parts of my life