Rosemary Logan – story source

Flagstaff, Arizona
Marieke Slovin – vocalist, musical sherpa
Malcolm Brooks – musical sherpa
Canyon Song (Cottonwoods in the Distance) (live iPhone recording)
Rosemary Logan hears what people say she should do, but she also feels inside what she herself must do.
There’s a place in the desert
I’ve gone to for years
Every time I go visit
A journey to myself
It’s just a dry desert wash most of the year
When you start hiking, signs of life appear
Can I find the courage
To part with you, my love
And nurture my own spirit
You’re part of me, my love
Each day you bring joy to my life, little one
Leaving you is the hardest thing, I’ve ever done
There are cottonwoods in the distance
Water in the wash
Birds are singin’ if you listen, there are
Bright yellow and orange rocks
Saguaros are hanging on the cliffs and
Everything sorts itself out right here
Somehow everything sorts itself out right here
I wasn’t sure just what to do but I was
Losing my mind
Peaceful nights disrupted
My own needs cast aside
People trying to tell me how to love
What gives them the right to judge, love?
So leaving was a severing
Then the greatest joy
It was the first time I left my baby
The first time on my own
It was the first time I got my body back
In a year
The first time I’m returning