For community fieldwork, oral history, or social justice:

  • We travel to lead 30-minute presentations, 90-minute songwriting sessions, and half-day to full-week workshops.
  • We help people create singable, sharable songs from interviews and personal experiences.
  • We collaborate with people, from children to seniors — in schools, universities, bookstores, homes, and community centers.

For collaborating and creating true-life lyric and enduring melodies:

  • We offer internships, classes, and private lessons, in-person or over internet connections.
  • We give coaching in musicianship skills, such as ear-training, music theory, melody design, and chord choice.
  • We also offer coaching in interviewing and facilitation skills, such as cultural attunement, creative collaboration, and situational decision-making.

How we help people:
For individuals:

  • We help people create beauty.
  • We help people uncover meaning and power in their own experiences.
  • We help people document — in music — the emotional component of an experience.
  • We work with individuals who want to become more creative.
  • We help people overcome creative barriers, such as getting started or finishing a song.

For groups:

  • We help a group to unite and align around a creative purpose. We provide an environment for group members to engage in active, loving support.
  • We also help teams who want to increase their ability to collaborate. We use songwriting as means to model a successful, creative team process.

And yes, we also love to work with people who simply want to give a personal song as a gift to a friend or loved one.