From Melodi:
More than a month ago, I had an opportunity to give a TEDx talk at Bath University about two international peace projects I did which were funded by Davis Foundation, one in Turkey and Armenia, and the other one in Cyprus.
I shared my story about how I started to use music for social change, how I used documentary songwriting to bring peace to people in Cyprus, and all the struggles and successes I had during both projects. Especially the second peace project was more complex (gathering peace stories from two cultures in conflict and creating original songs from from these stories and finally performing all ten songs at three concerts in Cyprus).
These two peace projects did not only help me to better understand the depth of the conflicts in the region where I am from but also helped me to recognize the power of music, story telling, communication and friendship. Through these peace projects, I met so many beautiful people, created friendship with people from all different backgrounds and listened to so many powerful and inspiring stories.
I have been recently told that following my Cyprus project, three new humanitarian projects are being done using documentary songwriting to help women who have been sexually abused, give veteran soldiers a voice and to help refugees who are awaiting asylum in Belgium.
Thank you everyone who supported me during this process and thank you Bath University TEDx team for the great organization.
Here, you can find the link of my talk:

And to the songs: