In January of 2017, Melodi Var Öngel came to Maine and collaborated with Jillian Galloway on this documentary song about a vintage Volvo. The summer before, Jillian had seen the Volvo with a for sale sign on the side of the road in Acadia. Now here it was winter, but that Volvo remained on her mind. As the song reveals, Jillian has her own sense of what’s important.
Up to the beaches,
Feeling really salty,
We had all the windows down.
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Hazel Delehey finds herself at a camp with strangers, after she thought that friends would be there, too. She longs for even one friend to join her, to help her fend off loneliness and inner turmoil.

Knock, knock, knock,
The wolf is at the door.
I’m too young to meet my maker,
Need an angel and a sword.
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When Nora Willauer’s uncle Peter, who lived in the Maine woods, would come to visit the family farm, his ways challenged the family norms and inspired Nora’s independence.
I don’t know if you ever met my uncle
He died nearly four years ago
My mom’s youngest brother, he lived in the woods
In a cabin he built by himself
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Dancing at Home was Hannah’s birthday song for Jason Bolton. He was her fiancé and is now her husband.
You’re flying around the country
Sitting in airports
Thinking of me
And I’m at home alone counting the days
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Chloë Isis makes it through the Maine winters, because the summers are so sweet.
I’m tired of winter, I’m tired of snow
I’m tired of the sky weighing me down
I’m tired of waiting for summer
To come around
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Chloë Isis loses a green necklace near the beach, and then with a storm coming, and no one to help her, she realizes she’s lost more than she thought.

You’re looking for your green necklace
That you lost
It’s on a long chain
When you were climbing trees
In your bare feet
You dropped it on the ground
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Hanife Kannur, a Turkish Cypriot, was trapped in the Greek Cypriot Zone. She longed to join her husband on the Turkish side. Then a Greek Cypriot, prizing family over politics, helped Hanife and her baby boy to hide in his potato truck and sneak across the border. (Update on January 7th, 2019: The baby boy in Hanife’s story, Enver Kannur, is now president of the London Rotary Club.)
(English translation by Üstün Öngel)
After the prison camp
My husband stayed on the other side
We, in the Greek Cypriot village
Missing each other a lot
There was a Greek Cypriot selling potatoes
My husband asked him
If he can take us to him
Over the green line
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Rebecca Phifer, story source (with Manny and two-week old Phoebe), tells Nate Martin and Chloë Isis about her early experiences with her daughter Phoebe.
Pretty as a bug
Pink ladbybug p.j.s
First time I held
You in my arms
My whole love, my whole life
My whole love, my whole life
Sleeping on my chest
Caring for my child
Most beautiful thing
I’ve ever done
My whole love, my whole life
My whole love, my whole life
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Malcolm Brooks finds he cannot grasp beauty in its complexity and detail. Especially when the beauty lies in his beloved Barbara.
When I walk into the room
I see the glorious rug from Persia
All the whorls and the swirls overwhelm me
It feels so beautiful to see
I never know, never know where my eyes should go
When I look out of the window
I see a million trees in sunshine
All the whorls and the swirls overwhelm me
It feels so beautiful to see
I never know, never know where my eyes should go
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One night on the boat under the stars, Will Foote watches a seal, who seems to know that he is there.
On the boat I stayed above
To look at the stars.
Out in the quietness I heard a splash
Close by me.
Little seal came right up to the boat.
I said, Hello, hey what are you doing?
I felt welcomed into his world.
It danced under the water,
Opened up to be seen by everyone,
Especially me.
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Alex Wilder likes how he’s been changing and he knows who’s been the source of that change. But now she’s leaving…
In a month or two
She’ll be gone
She’ll be flying to Barcelona
I’m losing a life that feels so easy
When she’s near to me
And I guess I’m scared
That I won’t see
The beauty in everyday things
Cause seeing things through Eliza
Is to see them again
Like how the rain sounds
Or the view from Beech Hill
She’s got a love of life
That calls to my own
And I don’t want to be with anybody who can’t see
The beauty in everyday things
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