Alex Wilder likes how he’s been changing and he knows who’s been the source of that change. But now she’s leaving…
In a month or two
She’ll be gone
She’ll be flying to Barcelona
I’m losing a life that feels so easy
When she’s near to me
And I guess I’m scared
That I won’t see
The beauty in everyday things
Cause seeing things through Eliza
Is to see them again
Like how the rain sounds
Or the view from Beech Hill
She’s got a love of life
That calls to my own
And I don’t want to be with anybody who can’t see
The beauty in everyday things
I feel her hand
I hear her voice
I don’t know why I think of bells
When she found me, I found beauty
In everyday things

© 2016 Beauchamp Point Music

The Push Farther Project
Alex Wilder – story source, vocals, guitar
Nora Willauer – cello
Will Foote – guitar

Chloë Isis – vocals

Heather Kahill – violin
Produced by Alex Wilder

From Malcolm:
All I knew in the middle of July 2016 was that Nora and Alex were working on some song up at the farm in Hope and that Alex was the story source and Nora was the musical sherpa. When I saw the lyrics they were working on, I was stunned by the idea of a feeling of anticipating a feeling — something that could only come from Alex. We all learned more about his relationship with Eliza. She had been up here from New York, drawing and baking and teaching herself Spanish on her cell phone as Alex, Will and Nora rehearsed. Soon she would be off to Spain. I could see how the city of Barcelona could feel so far away from a farm in Maine.