Alex Wilder likes how he’s been changing and he knows who’s been the source of that change. But now she’s leaving…
In a month or two
She’ll be gone
She’ll be flying to Barcelona
I’m losing a life that feels so easy
When she’s near to me
And I guess I’m scared
That I won’t see
The beauty in everyday things
Cause seeing things through Eliza
Is to see them again
Like how the rain sounds
Or the view from Beech Hill
She’s got a love of life
That calls to my own
And I don’t want to be with anybody who can’t see
The beauty in everyday things

I feel her hand
I hear her voice
I don’t know why I think of bells
When she found me, I found beauty
In everyday things

© 2016 Beauchamp Point Music

The Push Farther Project:
Alex Wilder – story source, vocals, guitar
Nora Willauer – cello
Will Foote – guitar
Chloë Isis – vocals

Heather Kahill – violin
Produced by Alex Wilder

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