Steps to make a docsong:

1. Draw forth a story
2. Distill into a free verse poem
3. Shape into lyrics
4. Design a melody for one verse and a refrain
5. Choose chords
6. Edit the remaining verses to fit the melody
7. Make a live recording

Docsong Toolkit- Hurdles you may face and tools to try

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Case Study

Here’s a video that demonstrates the DocSong process in action. Jody Kerchner and Malcolm Brooks recorded this docsong session for their talk at the February 2021 conference of the National Association for Music Education. This video may serve as useful example of the documentary songwriting process.

People to contact about DocSong training

United Kingdom and Europe
Jonny Westhorp, Bristol, England
Europe and Middle East
Melodi Var Öngel, Adana, Turkey
Midwest and Western United States
Nora Willauer, Cleveland, Ohio
Whit Arau, Boulder, Colorado
Joaquin Contreras, Houston, Texas
Mid-Atlantic and Southern United States
Khalid Taylor, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Mimi Bornstein, Alexandria, Virginia
Alex Wilder, Nashville, Tennessee
New England and Canada
Zach Arfa, Mystic, Connecticut
Chloë Isis, Brunswick, Maine
Malcolm Brooks, Rockport, Maine
Will Foote, Rockport, Maine
Caleb Edwards, Camden, Maine
Chris Finn, Camden, Maine
Hazel Delehey, Lewiston, Maine