Antwerp, Belgium: One family shares their path west to freedom and safety in Belgium. From crossing a deadly river and borders, they find that being together and sharing their story become their main purpose.

Zeynep and Kemal Yilmaz and their young daughter – story sources
Will Foote and Jonny Westhorp – Teaching artists

And here is Will Foote, performing the song live:

There was moonlight
On the river Meriç
Shallow but dangerous
It can swallow you
Looks calm but deep down
Stepping in the boat
Be so silent
And invisible

Our main purpose
Was to be together

We want to to be the voice of the others
We are so thankful for our freedom
We’re just so glad
We are together
We are together

Our daughter woke up
She felt our stress
He pushed me in the water
I was in the mud
Screaming “Help me!”
The shaking of her chin
We won’t forget that

Calm down, it’s over
We just passed the river

We want to be the voice of the others…

The struggle in front of us
It can be hard
Not harder than the journey
New languages, new jobs
Sacrificing our past life
Is worth our freedom

We want to be the voice of the others…

Will Foote – Lead Vocal and guitars
Mimi Bornstein – Backing vocals
Nora Willauer – Backing vocals and cello
Malcolm Brooks – Bass

Also, please read Zeynep’s writing that she published after we worked on this project together.
Bitter Journey

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