Beautiful Differences – Will Foote

Will Foote – story source, guitar, vocals

Joaquín Contreras – musical sherpa

Alex Wilder – musical sherpa

Malcolm Brooks – musical sherpa

Will Foote comes back home to an unfamiliar world. He leaves and returns again and finds that, this time, it’s beautiful.

I came back
To the coast of Maine
And I was sure
Things will be the same
I was surrounded by people who
Didn’t feel like the people I had known
Maybe there’s no home
Things do change
But maybe beautiful differences
Make things okay
Sailed three days
To Hurricane Island
And then home
To try it all again
I remembered how the winds blow
And how the currents run
Maybe there’s no home…
Now I see new life
See new things
New songs all around,
I see beautiful differences
In my hometown
Maybe there’s no home…