For Will, the farms, the rivers, and even the churches of upstate New York call to him to test his limits, but no matter how far he pushes himself, something tells him he still has more to go.

One night I climbed a silo
Climbed a silo to sit on top
Not many people know about it
150, pretty steep drop
Found a picnic table waiting up there
I saw the stars that night and felt the air
Push farther, the stars above the silo say
Push farther, they say

New York hills and farmland
Remind me of the ocean
If you go out far enough
Instead of water, grass in motion
Hard to get to when you don’t own a car
On a bike it feels like twice as far
Push farther, the waves of endless farmland say
Push farther, they say

The Avenue of the Elms
Long road and shady ground
At the end there’s a chapel
But the steeple has burned down
One night I went there, in my bare feet
I saw the moon where the steeple would be
Push farther, the fires that burned the steeple say
Push farther, they say

Seven miles of woods and snow
On cross-country skis
Hiked an icy hill and saw
A mansion before me
Two dogs and a carpenter appeared
Working there for 17 years
Push farther, the carpenter and the two dogs say
Push farther, they say

They call it the Grass River
One morning I put in
I canoed through woods and marshes
For hours on end
An old man at a cabin said, “Come sit”
So on his narrow dock, I talked to him
Push farther, the old man and the river say
Push farther, they say

© 2016 Beauchamp Point Music

Will Foote – Story Source
Nora Willauer, Malcolm Brooks, Alex Wilder – Musical Sherpas

Will Foote, Alex Wilder – vocals
Nora Willauer – cello
Sophie Davis and Josie Davis – violins

Film Credits:
Dana Rae Warren and Alex Forcillo – directors and cinematographers
Malcolm Brooks – editor

Push Farther from the band’s second album release

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Will began singing at age eight. He sang from the time he awoke each morning, all during showering, and even while eating breakfast. He took guitar lessons and played and sang, unaware that fellow students would sit outside the door and listen to his voice.

He attended Brewster in Wolfeboro, NH for high school, where his mentors and fellow classmates empowered him to perform at coffee houses and school events. He began to understand the meaningful effects he had on people through his music. The supportive community at Brewster helped him find his passion in music and the power of bearing witness to human experiences. He chose to attend college at St. Lawrence University and was invited to solo in three ensembles. While studying sociology and peace studies, and working as a back-country trail guide, he began reflecting on his experiences and composing songs that expressed emotions in a direct, plain-spoken way.

In 2014, Alex Wilder heard Will’s voice on a recording and invited him to join him in the Push Farther Project.

In December 2015, Will collaborated on a song to document a World War II veteran’s experience as a prisoner in a Japanese prison camp.

In April 2016, with fellow songwriter Chloë Isis, he conducted the first-ever live documentary songwriting session on radio.

After graduating from St. Lawrence University in the spring of 2017, Will has been writing, arranging, recording, and producing documentary songs with Alex and Malcolm at Beauchamp Point Studios.